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    With decades of experience in the North Texas real estate investor community, we are not just Private Money Lenders, we are so much more While the majority of other hard money lenders can only offer funds, we provide the entire package.

    How may you ask? Simple. We are full-service. We are authorized and licensed appraisers. Furthermore, we are also flippers, landlords, and wholesalers. That means we know all angles of the business.

    This unique combination of skills, experience, and dedication lends us the upper hand when it comes to our loan programs. With an investor’s mindset, we understand and relate to your goals. We vie for your achievements like they’re our own. What other lender does that?


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    loan programs
    Loan Programs

    Whether you’re a first-time investor or a seasoned professional, we have loan programs designed to meet your needs.


    Sample Loans
    Sample Loans

    View some actual examples of different types of loans that we offer to determine which best suits your needs.


    Profitability Calculators
    Profitability Calculators

    Use our handy Profitability Calculators to help make an informed decision on your next rental or flip project.


    A Mortgage Lender Made For Real Estate Investors

    Hard Money Loans for real estate investors throughout N. Texas.

    Fast Money To Fund Your Deals

    Hard money loans for real estate investing are necessary not just for securing deals, but also for securing them quickly. However, the pros and cons of hard money loans need to be weighed carefully before you decide to proceed with any such deals.

    There are advantages as well as disadvantages of these kinds of loans to consider. When you know what you want to accomplish with the loan, you can make a better decision and less stress on yourself and your investment.

    The Right Hard Money Lender

    There are numerous hard money lenders in Texas. Because hard money lending is so competitive, it is a good idea to do some research. Once you feel comfortable, you can apply online and proceed with the loan process.

    Consider the Loan Terms & Rates

    Private Money Lenders offer many different terms, and there are some that are more appropriate to different investors. This means that some borrowers will have a more pleasant experience with one lender than another.

    In order to find a good hard money lending company, compare all aspects of the lending package interest rates, closing costs, credit requirements, and return and reputation. You should choose a lender with which you feel most comfortable.

    The Perfect Loan for Home Investors

    Hard money lending offers many advantages to investors who are purchasing an investment property. One is that lenders are usually very flexible and can meet all the needs of their borrowers, providing flexibility in terms of both repayment terms and collateral.

    With the current housing market, many people are turning to hard money lenders for help. DFW Investor Lending can provide cash, when traditional lenders may not, and we offer a variety of financing options to suit the needs of borrowers and investors.

    Dallas Hard Money Lenders
    • " Using DFW Investor Lending was a tremendous benefit for us! They provide a fantastic amount of added value beyond just the funding of our loans. Their market knowledge is top notch! They are easy to work with and will help guide you along the way. We highly recommend them! "

      James McDonald

      James McDonald

    • " We have been working with DFW Investor Lending for over 3 years and they have been the primary Lender on all of our Investment Properties. They are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and truly take care in every transaction they do. They have the ability to fund quickly and have an extremely quick turnaround time for Draws. We would highly recommend DFW Investor Lending to any Investor looking for a quality Hard Money Lender. "

      Jessica Moore

      Jessica Moore

    • " Having a lender in your corner is essential to being successful in real estate. The guys at DFW investor lending have always been a tremendous asset in all of my transactions. "

      Scott Theeringer

      Scott Theeringer

    • " The whole team at DFW Investor Lending, Frank, Tony and Doug, have been very easy to work with and they all have extensive experience in real estate. Hard money lending is more than JUST lending at DFW Investor Lending, they are committed to helping you be successful deal after deal after deal. We recommend them highly and continue to use them for all our deals. "

      Catherine Goodrich

      Catherine Goodrich

    • " Frank and his team are not just lenders. They are experienced investors that can advise you throughout the entire project. With so many fly-by-night lenders out there, go with someone you can trust, like DFW Investor Lending. "

      Strike First Properties

      Strike First Properties


    DFW Investor Lending Team

    With more than 30 years combined experience in every aspect of residential real estate investment, the DFW Investor Lending Team can help make your deals more profitable than ever.

    Frank Friesenhahn
    Frank Friesenhahn

    DFW Investor Lending President Frank Friesenhahn has been intimately involved in residential real estate appraisal, rehabbing, investing and lending for more than 20 years.

    Tony Darwin
    Tony Darwin
    Managing Partner

    DFW Investor Lending Managing Partner Tony Darwin has more than 15 years experience in residential real estate investment and hard money lending. Tony’s deep knowledge of hard money lending and the North Texas real estate environment have proven to big asset the investor clientele.

    Doug Phillips
    Doug Phillips
    Loan Officer

    DFW Investor Lending Loan Officer Doug Phillips has heavily involved in residential real estate investment for more than 20 years. Doug’s versatility as licensed appraiser and extensive knowledge of residential real estate investment uniquely qualify him to guide our investor clientele to more profitable deals.

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    Let an appraiser be your lender. Our experienced team is here to help guide you through the entire process from deal evaluation to closing on the sale of your DFW Metroplex investment property.

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    Serving North Texas Real Estate Investors

    Do you live in Dallas, Texas? Are you looking for a strategic partner in your next venture? Do you need a lender who has completed hundreds of rehabs and thousands of appraisals with ease?

    Here at DFW Investor Lending, we showcase all that is possible with the right tools. Countless investors do not know where to begin when it comes to hard money loans. We take the guesswork out of the equation.

    No matter where you’re located in N. Texas, we’d like to help you with your next real estate project. We are a great fit for investors looking for fast and easy ways to buy houses. Whether it’s for rental property, or a fix and flip, we’ve got you covered.

    FAQ - Hard Money Loans

    Are Hard Money Loans Right For You?

    If you’re a local real estate investor looking for a Dallas hard money lender, let’s talk. Dallas is a great place to invest in real estate. We are here to provide you the money you need to secure your home investment.  We aren’t just hard money lenders, we are also investors and appraisers.

    We not only provide you with fix and flip loans, our services include FREE Consulting. We understand the stress and worry that comes with home investing- that’s normal. We’re here to help you be profitable.

    You don’t have to do it alone! Our team is multi-faceted. We are Fort Worth hard money lenders, appraisers, flippers, advisors, and underwriters. By utilizing our unique, hard money loan calculator, we bring you the best financial rates Dallas, TX has to offer.

    Best of all, we are local lenders. We are located in the DFW Metroplex. Serving our local community means everything to us. The ability to have a positive impact on nearby investors inspires us to work even harder and pursue the best options for our clients. The possibilities drive us.

    Hard money loans are is not possible about the property from traditional lenders. It comes from private individuals or companies that accept assets or property as collateral. Borrowers can use hard money loans to pay off a mortgage or loan application denied. That allows them to avoid lengthy approvals for traditional loans.

    Hard money loans are secured loans that have the property as collateral. If the borrower defaults in repaying a secured loan, the lender can seize the asset. Hard money loans are more flexible than traditional mortgages or other secured loans. These loans are outstanding for those who need to buy a property quickly.

    A mortgage application can take over a month to process. In a matter of days, hard money loans can be closed.

    Let’s see how hard money loans compare to traditional mortgage financing options.

    Hard Money Loan

    Based on the current market value of the property, hard money loans can be approved. The lender will conduct a quick credit and financial assessment, but it won’t be as thorough as traditional loans. That allows a quick loan process, and they can receive their money in days instead of weeks or months.

    The downside to this process is that the lender takes on more risk. That means the borrower will have to pay more. Hard money loans have a higher interest rate and require higher down payments than the average loan.

    Hard money loans often have short repayment terms, with some only being able to repay for a few years. It contrasts with traditional mortgages, which have words that can last for 15 to 30 years.

    Traditional mortgage loan

    Traditional loans are not well-defined. You apply for the loan, and the lender checks your credit to make sure you can repay it. They will review your finances once they have approved your application.

    Many different types of loans fall under this umbrella, including mortgage loans, auto loans, personal loans, or home equity loans. Private lenders can provide these loans, but they don’t have to meet the exact requirements of traditional lenders. Private loans may be more expensive and less beneficial to borrowers due to the risk involved.

    Traditional loan lenders will review your financial history and evaluate your income. They will also assess your cash reserves, credit history, and down payment. The lengthy process is necessary to lower the risk lenders take when lending money. If borrowers show good credit, lenders can offer more affordable rates and lower interest rates.

    These are the top reasons why people get hard money loans.

    Flipping a House

    Real estate investors who make money by purchasing low-cost properties needing fixing up, making value-boosting repairs and renovations, and then flipping the homes for profit may utilize hard money loans.

    Because real estate professionals & flippers are usually able to complete projects quickly, they prefer to obtain financing quicker. House-flippers can often sell a house in a brief timeframe – typically less than one year. It means they don’t need a longer loan term than traditional mortgages and can secure rehab loans with the repair value.

    Buying Investment Property

    Individuals who are not eligible for traditional financing but want to invest in a rental property may be eligible to receive a hard money loan.

    It’s a good option for those who cannot get traditional loans approved due to their credit history or need more money than a conventional lender.

    Commercial Property Purchase

    If traditional financing is not available, a business owner can also borrow hard cash to finance commercial actual property purchases. Hard money loans are available for entrepreneurs who can’t get conventional financing or have limited funds to pay for commercial loans.

    What Are The Current Hard Money Loan Rates in Dallas, TX?

    Private hard money loans can be costly. Let’s compare interest rates on these loans to more traditional loan types.

    According to Freddie Mac, in January 2020, the average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate loan was 3.622%. Hard money loans are often between 8% to 15% and come with higher interest rates.

    Hard money loans can also be more expensive depending on the lender’s preferred loan-to-value (LTV) ratio. If a lender is only willing to finance 70%-80% of the property’s value, you will need to make a significant down payment before the loan can close. If you don’t have enough money, you might not have hard money financing.

    Fix and Flip Loans

    Our fix and flip loans are guaranteed to transform the way you view flips. Yes, we provide the evident capital but also offer our industry-tested advice.

    We have mastered the skill of flipping, appraising, and wholesaling. For this reason, we have enough wisdom to excel in your process. Buying an investment property and restoring it for a high ROI should not be taken lightly. Many moving parts to this equation and a slip in the wrong direction could have monumental consequences.

    It would be best if you had someone by your side throughout the entire process. We are your go-to lenders… and beyond.

    The Dallas real estate market provides excellent profit-generating chances for all kinds of investors, from novice purchasers to experienced specialists. In Dallas, big apartment and single-family houses represent the bulk of the city’s real estate stock, with studio apartment structures representing most of the staying homes. Owner-occupied and renter-occupied real estate is discovered in equivalent quantities in Dallas.

    • Population Predicted to Double in Next 15 Years
    • Dallas is among the leaders in the U.S. for work and population development.
    • 52.9% of Dallas leas vs. 33% across the country.
    • The need for rental lodging is increasing year over year.
    • Low entry rates for Dallas financial investment homes.
    • Recently renovated REOs (2004 or more recent).
    • Residence 5%– 15% listed below market price.
    • Cap rates above 6 percent.

    Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington City house worths have increased 19.4% over the previous year, and the most recent projection is that they will increase 14.5% over the next twelve months.

    Dallas County house worths have increased 16.4% over the previous year, and the most recent patterns reveal that costs will continue to grow at a slower rate over the next twelve months.

    • The typical house worth of houses in Fort Worth is $260,859, up 20.8% over the previous year.
    • Over the next twelve months, Fort Worth house rates will continue to increase, however, slower.
    • The typical house worth of houses in Arlington is $270,421, up 20.5% over the previous year.
    • Over the next twelve months, Arlington house costs will continue to increase, however, slower.
    • Texas (Statewide) house worths have increased 16.6% over the previous year and will continue to grow in 2021.

    Numerous investors have questioned whether acquiring a residential or commercial property in Dallas is an intelligent monetary choice. You must dig deeper into the regional patterns if you want to understand what the genuine estate market will be like for actual estate financiers and purchasers in 2021. The Dallas real estate market is an exceptional location to buy earnings residential or commercial properties, whether you’re acquiring your very first or just including another to your portfolio. It does not get a lot more “place” than this when it concerns reality.

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