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Fort Worth, TX, is a great place to invest in real estate. We are here to provide you the money you need to secure your home investment. We aren’t just Fort Worth hard money lenders, we are also investors and appraisers.

We not only provide you with fix and flip loans, our services include FREE Consulting. We understand the stress and worry that comes with home investing- that’s normal. We’re here to help you be profitable.
You don’t have to do it alone! Our team is multi-faceted. We are Fort Worth hard money lenders, appraisers, flippers, advisors, and underwriters. By utilizing our unique, hard money loan calculator, we bring you the best financial rates Forth Worth has to offer.
Best of all, we are local lenders. We are located in the DFW Metroplex. Serving our local community means everything to us. The ability to have a positive impact on nearby investors inspires us to work even harder and pursue the best options for our clients. The possibilities drive us.
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"These guys treat me like family. Great advice and great rates."

Lyndsey Thompson

Real Estate Investor - Fort Worth, TX

"These guys treat me like family. Great advice and great rates."

Lyndsey Thompson

Real Estate Investor - Fort Worth, TX

Private Money Lenders in Fort Worth, TX

Are you a real estate investor looking for the correct Fort Worth hard money lender? Look no further! Our team of experienced hard money lenders has provided competitive financing solutions for real estate investors in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas for years. We understand the unique challenges of investing in real estate and strive to provide our clients with tailored financing solutions that meet their specific needs.

Explanation of Hard Money Lending

  • Hard money lending allows investors to borrow funds secured by real estate.
  • Unlike conventional mortgages, typically secured by the borrower’s home equity, hard money borrowers are secured by the borrower’s collateral, such as the borrower’s vehicle or other tangible assets.
  • The lender holds this collateral until the loan is repaid in full. Hard money lenders charge higher interest rates than traditional banks and credit unions.

Benefits of Hard Money Loans

  • Fast and flexible financing: due to a shorter loan process than traditional banks, hard money loans can be approved much faster than conventional mortgages. They are also more flexible than traditional banking products and can be tailored to meet an investor’s needs.
  • Lower credit scores: hard money loans use collateral rather than personal credit rating as their primary criteria for approval; they have much lower credit score requirements than conventional loans. This allows borrowers with less-than-perfect credit histories access to otherwise unavailable financing.
  • Potentially increased return on investment: Because of the higher risk associated with hard money lending, lenders often charge higher interest rates, creating a potential for a greater return on investment compared to more conservative investments such as stocks or bonds.

Overview Of DFW Investor Lending, LLC

  • DFW Investor Lending, LLC (DFWIL) is a Fort Worth-based hard money lender providing short-term financing solutions for real estate investors throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and across Texas.
  • We focus exclusively on providing private funding options to help investors acquire properties quickly and get projects off the ground without going through the tedious process of applying for bank loans and waiting months for approval.
  • Our team provides personalized service at every step – from pre-qualification through the application, closing, and beyond – ensuring that your investment goals are met promptly and efficiently.

Who Is DFW Investor Lending, LLC?

  • We are a team of experienced professionals focused on helping real estate investors secure fast and flexible financing options tailored to their needs.
  • We leverage our extensive experience in both residential and commercial lending to create customized solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs regardless of credit history or current financial sitclient’sHistory Of DFW Investor Lending, LLC.
  • DFW Investor Lending was founded in 2006 to provide creative solutions for real estate investors needing quick and reliable financing options. Since then, we have established ourselves as a critical player in Fort Worth’s challenging money-lending landscape with an ever-growing portfolio of cliWorth’sroughout Texas.
  • Our team has over 20 years of combined experience working with residential clients and commercial developers on loan packages ranging from bridge loans to fix & flip financing.

Why Choose DFW Investor Lending, LLC?

  • Experienced Professional Team: Our knowledgeable Fort Worth and Dallas hard money lenders have worked in residential and commercial real estate finance since 2000, so you can be confident in our ability to provide reliable advice and solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Fast Closings: We understand the importance of time when it comes to getting your project finished quickly, which is why we guarantee fast closings on all our loan products – from bridge loans to fixes & flips – so you can maximize your return on investment (ROI).
  • Affordable Financing Options: With competitive interest rates backed by flexible repayment terms, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank when investing in your next property with us!

What Are Hard Money Loans?

A hard money loan is secured by real estate and collateralized by the borrower’s property, vehicle, or other tangible assets. Unlike traditional bank loans secured by the borrower’s home equity, hard money lenders provide financing based on the value of the underlying collateral. The lender holds this collateral until the loan is paid in full.

How Do Hard Money Loans Differ From Traditional Loans?

  • Hard money loans are short-term loans with quick approval and closing timelines compared to conventional mortgages, which can take months to be processed.
  • The terms are usually more flexible than those offered by conventional banking products and can vary depending on an individual investor’s needs.
  • Credit score requirements are also much lower as hard money lenders focus primarily oinvestor’stor’s collateral rather than their credit rating.
  • Hard money lenders charge higher interest rates for investors’ increased risks associated with these investments. However, this also provides the potential for greater returns on investment (ROI).

Pros And Cons Of Hard Money Loans


  • Faster approvals and closings: due to a shorter application process than traditional banking products, hard money loans can be approved and funded quickly without waiting months for approval like a conventional mortgage.
  • Lower credit score requirements: because hard money lenders focus primarily on an investor’s collateral rather than their credit rating, they often have much lower credit score requirements, allowing investors he financing they would otherwise not be able to get through traditional banks and credit unions.
  • Potentially increased return on investment: due to the higher risk associated with hard money lending, investors often receive higher interest rates, creating the potential for greater returns than other more conservative investments such as stocks or bonds.


  • High-interest rates: As mentioned earlier, hard money loans typically charge higher than traditional banking products – making them less affordable over time if not carefully managed.
  • Limited repayment periods: Most hard money loans have limited repayment periods (usually between one month and five years) which means investors need to make sure they have enough cash flow or resources at hand to pay off their loan within that timeframe or risk incurring additional charges or even foreclosure if unable to meet their deadlines.

When To Consider A Hard Money Loan

Hard money loans should only be considered when an investor needs fast access to capital and has no other options, such as traditional bank financing. They should also only be used if an investor is confident they can repay their loan within the given timeline while still allowing enough flexibility in case anything unexpected happens (i.e……….., job loss, health issues, etc.).

Introduction to Types of Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans are an excellent way for investors to get the capital they need quickly without going through the tedious process of applying for bank loans and waiting months for approval. Hard money lenders provide financing based on the value of an investor’s collateral, enabling them to access short-term loans tailored to their specific needs. Below we discuss some types of Fort Worth hard money loans.

Fix-and-Flip Loans

Fix-and-flip loans are short-term loans designed specifically for real estate investors looking to purchase, fix up and sell a property quickly. By providing fast access to capital, these loans allow investors to acquire properties quickly and get their projects off the ground without waiting months or even years as they would with traditional banking products.

Bridge Loans

Bridge loans are also known as “gap” financing. They are typically used by investors who need access to quick cash to close on a property before they can obtain more conventional financing. These loans can be beneficial” when acquiring properties that have not yet been fully appraised or have not gone through the entire underwriting process but need immediate capital to purchase them.

Rental Property Loans

Rental property loans are long-term financing solutions designed specifically for investors looking to purchase rental properties as an investment. These loan deals usually involve more complex paperwork and higher interest rates due to the added risks of investing in rental properties (such as tenant turnover).

Construction Loans

Construction loans are typically used by developers or home builders who need financing or complete construction projects. Unlike other complex money loan options, which focus primarily on an individual’s collateral, construction lenders evaluate the borrower’s assets and their experience within this industry when approving applications – making them one of the most challenging types of hard money individualists out there.

Commercial Property Loans

Commercialborrower’sloans are used by businesses that want access to quick capital for office buildings, warehouses, production facilities, etc. These types of loan packages usually require much more detailed paperwork than residential borrowing options due to their increased complexity – often involving multiple borrowers, guarantors, trustees, and other parties involved to make them happen successfully.

Benefits Of Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans provide investors with quick access to capital which can be used to purchase, fix up and sell a property quickly. This type of financing comes with several benefits that make it appealing for real estate investors, including speed of funding, fewer requirements for approval, flexibility in loan terms, and opportunities for creative financing. Below we discuss these benefits in more detail:

Speed Of Funding

One of the significant benefits of hard money loans is the speed of funding – as compared to traditional bank loans that can take months or even years to be processed, hard money lenders can provide capital within days or weeks, depending on the circumstances. This makes them ideal for investors who need quick access to cash and have no other options.

Fewer Requirements For Approval

Another significant benefit of hard money lending is the fewer requirements for approval. As most lenders focus primarily on an investor’s collateral rather than their credit rating or other personal finances, they often have much lower credit score requirements, allowing folks access to the financing they would otherwise not be able to get.

Flexibility In Loan Terms

Hard money loans also come with more flexible terms than those offered by conventional banking products, making them attractive for more experienced investors who want to negotiate higher interest rates (or lower) based on their specific needs and goals. These deals usually require an investor to put up some of their cash but can still be beneficial if appropriately structured.

Opportunities For Creative Financing

Finally, hard money loans also offer more potential for creative financing solutions than traditional banking products, such as seller carry-back financing or partnering with another investor with access to capital – allowing borrowers to structure deals in mutually beneficial ways and further increase their return on investment (ROI).

FAQs About Hard Money Loans and DFW Investor Lending, LLC

What is the interest rate for DFW Investor Lending, LLC loans?

DFW Investor Lending, LLC offers competitive hard money loan rates based on individual loan parameters. Rates typically range between 8.5-12% depending on the property purchase type, the amount of capital needed, and other criteria.

How long does receiving funding from DFW Investor Lending, LLC take?

DFW Investor Lending typically provides quick access to capital within 10-15 days with no hidden fees or extra paperwork required. This makes them one of the fastest options available in the market for hard money lenders.

What types of properties are eligible for hard money loans?

The properties eligible for hard money loans depend on the individual lender’s requirements. Generally, these finance products are designed specifically for investment properties such as rental homes, fix-and-flip projects, commercial buildings, etc.

Can I get a lender’s loan with bad credit?

Unlike more traditional lending products, which require borrowers to meet certain credit score thresholds to qualify, many hard money lenders only focus on an investor’s collateral when evaluating applications – meaning even those with worse credit scores can still obtain financing with the good collateral place.

What is the difference between a hard money investor’s traditional loan?

Hard money loans differ from traditional bank loans because they provide fast access to capital without going through months or years of paperwork and underwriting processes. They also have higher interest rates due to shorter terms and quicker turnaround times. However, they can be beneficial when used correctly in an overall real estate investment strategy.

How does the underwriting process work for hard money loans? The underwriting process for hard money loans is much more straightforward than those associated with more traditional banking products – instead of relying solely on a borrower’s personal finances and credit score, most lenders primarily evaluate collateral during this step, making them much easier to qualify for (as long as an individual has sufficient assets in place).

What’s the minimum and maximum loan amount for DFW Investor Lending, LLC loans?

DFW Investor Lending offers flexible financing solutions ranging from $50k to $2M, depending on individual needs and goals. The terms and conditions of each deal vary depending on factors such as the type of property being purchased and the level of risk. 

What is the repayment schedule for hard money loans?

Most hard money loan packages come with 6-12 month terms depending on individual circumstances – after which borrowers must repay their balance through refinancing or selling off some/all of their assets to avoid defaulting on their obligations.

What is the default rate for DFW Investor Lending, LLC loans?

The default rate of DFW Investor Lending, LLC’s portfolio averages around 2%, which is significantly lower than other lenders in this space, given our focus on providing quality service and a careful selection process when approving applications. LLC’s.

Whatt are the eligibility requirements for DFW Investor Lending, LLC loans?

Eligibility requirements vary from deal to deal, but investors should generally expect us to evaluate both their ability to repay debt (e.g., income history) as well as any collateral they might have available (e.g., equity in property). Additionally, we may request additional documentation, such as proof of funds, before approving any application – so make sure you come prepared!

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