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Welcome to DFW Investor Lending, LLC, the best solution for your Dallas-Fort Worth and North Texas real estate investor financing needs.

With decades of experience in the investor community, we are not just a Hard Money Lender, but also licensed appraisers, landlords, wholesalers, and flippers. In short, we do, what you do and more. Real Estate Investing is something are passionate about, and we’ve been doing it very long time. So allow us take you small tour of our site in order to better educate you how we can benefit YOU. It won’t take long for learn what really excites us!

Real Estate

If this is what gets you fired up as well, then you’ve come to the right place. You have found a partner in DFW Investor Lending, LLC, where our goal is your success!

What are we?

DFW Investor Lending, LLC is an Asset Backed or Hard Money lender. Most importantly, we are a Direct Lender, not a mortgage broker. The funds we loan are from our own private capital sources. As such, you are dealing directly with the owners – the decision makers – on every call. We aren’t middle men, loan officers or bankers. We are simply investors, just like you, so we “get it.”

Who are our customers?

Our loans are used by hundreds of investors like you to provide purchase and repair capital for real estate investment projects throughout the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex. The loan products offered are NOT for owner occupants, but for real estate investors to buy, repair, sell, and lease real property for profit. Our client list includes seasoned real estate professionals as well as the first time, novice investor and all those in between. Their backgrounds range from young college students to retired engineers, from full time investors to part time passive investors with “day jobs.” We have clients with million dollar balance sheets, all the way down to start-up investors looking for that “first deal.” All have discovered what makes Hard Money – “Smart Money” and what makes DFW Investor Lending, LLC the smartest choice of all. Our reliable private money solutions are fast, economical and easy to arrange. We focus on the asset, and ask the simplest of questions; “Does the deal make sense?” If it does, we’ll loan on it!

Who are we?

DFW Investor Lending, LLC is owned and operated by investors, just like you. But with unique twist; also residential real estate appraisers. With thousands of appraisals, and hundreds of rehab projects under our belt, who else could better qualified to assist you with your real estate needs? Particularly in today’s fast moving markets.
Property and Deal evaluations on a personal level give you the best opportunity for success. The ability to directly discuss each deal with your lender, appraiser, underwriter, and mentor AT THE SAME TIME offers a very unique opportunity for you to thoroughly analyze each project and maximize your returns with sound decisions. It is the one characteristic that propels us over our competition, so allow us to do the same for you!
We have made our web site simple and friendly, just like our loans! So take brief tour and see how DFW Investor Lending, LLC can become a partner in bringing out the real estate entrepreneur in you!

Meet Our Team

With more than 30 years combined experience in every aspect of residential real
estate investment, the DFW Investor Lending Team can help make your deals
more profitable than ever.
Tony Darwin

Managing Partner

Doug Phillips

Loan Officer

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