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Arlington Hard Money Loans

Are you ready to elevate your real estate game? Are you in search of a reliable, experienced, well-rounded hard money lender in ArlingtonTX? Look no further. At DFW Investor Lending, we separate ourselves from the competition thanks to our exclusive set of skills uncommonly found together.
Let us explain. We are hard money lenders, but that’s not all we are! We are also landlords, wholesalers, fully licensed appraisers, and flippers. Our distinct skill set has been crafted for over a decade, refined to the core, and now we are ready to serve you!
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" I've been buying and selling properties for over 10 years. DFW Investor Lending is my go-to hard money lender in DFW. "

James Patterson

Real Estate Investor - Arlington, TX

Private Money Lender - A+ BBB Rated

With more than 30 years of combined experience in every aspect of residential real estate investment, the DFW Investor Lending Team can help make your deals more profitable than ever.

Private Money Loans

Our private money lending services are part of what makes us a prosperous lending firm. When we lend, we are using our funds from private capital. It supplies a direct benefit to you, the borrower.
How, you may ask? It’s simple. You never deal with a middle man, just us. We make the final decisions and are available to assist you directly. You never have to worry about second-hand information, especially when it comes to your finances. We are direct and straightforward- just the way lending should be.

Hard Money Loan Rates

Our hard money loan rates are best-in-class. Hundreds of investors have used our loan programs for purchasing and repairing purposes. In other words, we are flipping. Each investor has something to bring to the table, and we honor that.
When we loan, we look at our borrowers as partners. We include you in every aspect of the deal. From low-interest rates to no prepayment penalty, we genuinely look out for your best interest.
We have created a proprietary method for loaning and helping our clients achieve the levels of success they desire in Arlington, TX. Hard money real estate loans are our specialty.

The Mentor

3% fee for origination
13.99% interest
12-month interval
$0 prepayment fee
The Mentor Program highlights the essential nature of mentorship. The Mentor hard money loan is especially critical in the case of a first-time investor. As a newcomer in the industry, you’ll need tactical advice that will carry you through the ups and downs in real estate investing.
These fluctuations come with the territory and can be easily triumphed with the right lender by your side. The Mentor Program is ideal for investors with under two completed projects. As soon as you finish your second project with us, you will be upgraded to The Professional Program and experience a host of additional benefits. Our hard money loans in Arlington, TX, are unmatched and unsurpassed.

The Professional

2-3% fee for origination
11.99% interest
12 month interval
$0 prepayment fee
The Professional Program highlights the importance of growth and development. The program appeals to investors with experience who are looking to build on their existing success. That is how real wealth thrives and prospers. With two projects completed, you are instantly eligible for this exclusive program.
Not only will you experience lower interest rates and a lower origination fee, but you’ll also keep features you already love, such as no prepayment penalties. We make hard money loans in Arlington, TX, profitable, and straightforward.

Hard Money Loans Near Me

One of our loan program’s most compelling features is its inclusivity. We will loan to both seasoned investors and first-time investors. Whether you are a real estate mogul with proficiency in the industry or a part-time student who wants to start a new business flipping homes, we have your back.
We are premier hard money loan lenders in Arlington, TX. Offering a variety of services include free consulting regarding your deal. We use our noteworthy hard money loan calculator to provide you with the best rates in the area. Here are our two programs and what they have to offer you.

Experience the DFW Investor Lending Difference

Hard money fix and flip loans are the cornerstones to achieving your objective as an investor. We help you purchase the properties you find profitable to repair and market, subsequently leading to a high ROI. There are hundreds of lenders out there offering their “services” outside their city.
That is never the case with DFW Investor Lending. We, not only service Arlington, TX but the greater Metroplex area as well. Trust, honesty, and transparency are three attributes associated with a unified company. All of our team members have years of experience in the industry, with first-hand accounts of what it takes to help facilitate your success.
We are genuinely interested in seeing you excel in the field and create an undisputed reputation for yourself. We go beyond what a traditional bank or lender can offer. Since we ARE investors, we THINK like ones too.

How Do I Get Started?

We value your partnership and are ready to fast-track your goals starting today. Contacting us is always simple, easy, and hassle-free. The first step to a thriving real estate deal is authenticity.
Are you ready to become a more productive investor? With sustainable, real-life advice from pros? We are your go-to. Putting customers first is what we do.
Our website includes a step-by-step guide on getting started with us. We break down each measure and course of action, such as evaluating if your deal is high-quality using our profitability calculator. We also provide steps on applying online and retrieving all the necessary documents needed for a successful application process.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions about lending, simply give us a call at (214) 382-2676, and one of our experienced team members will readily assist your request. Furthermore, if you prefer to reach out through email, we have a dedicated contact form on our website’s “Contact Us” page. Simply leave your first and last name, a brief description, and your message. Our team always anticipates your feedback and inquiry.
For an even faster, more convenient service, fill out our online application with your information. One of our specialists will be in touch shortly. If there’s one thing you need to know, it’s that selecting the right lending partner can be the difference between triumph and mediocracy. From fix and flip loans to proprietary advice, high-quality hard money loans in Arlington, TX, are what we do best.

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