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The Mentor

The Mentor Loan Program is for investors who are first-time borrowers with DFW Investor Lending or have not completed two projects with us.  Once you complete your second project with DFW Investor Lending, you qualify for The Professional Loan Program (see details at right).

THE MENTOR Program Details

•  13.99 % simple interest

•  3% origination fee

•  $595.00 Processing Fee

•. 12-month term

•  No prepayment penalty

•. 73% Max Loan to Value (LTV) on flips

•. 75% Max Loan to Value (LTV) on rentals

The Professional

The Professional Loan Program is for investors who have completed two or more projects with us. CONTACT US today if you have any questions about how to qualify for The Professional Program, we are ready to partner with you on your next project!


•. 11.99 % simple interest

•. 2-3% origination

•. $595.00 Processing Fee

•. 12 month term

•. No prepayment penalty

•. 73% Max Loan to Value (LTV) on flips

•. 75% Max Loan to Value (LTV) on rentals

•. 75% Max Loan to Value (LTV) on rentals


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Fast Money To Fund Your Deals

Hard money loans for real estate investing are necessary not just for securing deals, but also for securing them quick. However, the pros and cons of hard money loans need to be weighed carefully before you decide to proceed with any such deals.

There are advantages as well as disadvantages of these kinds of loans to consider. When you know what you want to accomplish with the loan, you can make a better decision and less stress on yourself and your investment.

The Right Hard Money Lender

There are numerous hard money lenders in the DFW Metroplex. Because hard money lending is so competitive, it is a good idea to do some research and comparison shopping. Once you have found a lender you feel most comfortable with, you can apply online and proceed with the loan process.

Consider the Loan Terms & Rates

Private Money Lenders offer many different terms, and there are some that are more appropriate to different investors. This means that some borrowers will have a more pleasant experience with one lender than another.

In order to find a good hard money lending company, compare all aspects of the lending package interest rates, closing costs, credit requirements, and return and reputation. You should choose a lender with which you feel most comfortable. 

The Perfect Loan for Home Investors

Hard money lending offers many advantages to investors who are purchasing an investment property. One is that lenders are usually very flexible and can meet all the needs of their borrowers, providing flexibility in terms of both repayment terms and collateral.

With the current housing market, many people are turning to hard money lenders for help. DFW Investor Lending can provide cash, when traditional lenders may not, and we offer a variety of financing options to suit the needs of borrowers and investors.