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The Mentor

The Mentor Loan Program is for investors who are first-time borrowers with DFW Investor Lending or have not completed two projects with us. Once you complete your second project with DFW Investor Lending, you qualify for The Professional Loan Program (see details at right).

THE MENTOR Program Details

The Professional

The Professional Loan Program is for investors who have completed two or more projects with us. CONTACT US today if you have any questions about how to qualify for The Professional Program, we are ready to partner with you on your next project!



Private Money Loans in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex

Investing in real estate can be rewarding and profitable, but it doesn’t come without its challenges. One of the biggest is finding financing for your projects. DFW Investor Lending, LLC has been helping real estate investors in Dallas, TX, with their private money lending since 2008.

If you are a real estate investor in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex looking for a hard money lender in Dallas, TX? Look no further than DFW Investor Lending, LLC! We offer a variety of loan programs tailored to the needs of real estate investors. 


Loan Programs Tailored to Real Estate Investors 

DFW Investor Lending, LLC offers a variety of loan programs to meet your investing needs. We designed our loans for short-term investments that require quick turnaround times and funding within seven days. Our loans are available with no prepayment penalty. You can pay off your loan early without additional fees or charges.

We understand that every investor has different needs when financing their investments. We strive to provide individualized solutions tailored to each customer’s specific goals and objectives. Our team of experienced professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure you have the right loan program for your needs. We also provide educational opportunities so our clients can better understand how these loan programs work and how they can benefit their businesses in the long run.

Our Loan Programs Include the following:

Fix and Flips– These loans are for individuals looking to purchase single-family residences or duplexes, fix them up, and sell them for a profit.
Commercial – These loans are ideal for those who want to invest in office buildings, retail centers, industrial facilities, or other commercial property.
Multi-Family – These loans are for multi-family properties, such as apartment buildings or complexes


Competitive Interest Rates and Flexible Terms 

DFW Investor Lending, LLC understands that every investor’s situation is unique. We offer competitive interest rates and flexible terms. We strive to provide the best possible loan terms so that each customer can find the perfect fit for their investment goals. 


Expert Service from Experienced Professionals 

When making a significant real estate investment, you want an expert guiding you. We provide valuable advice to ensure you purchase the right investment property. We pride ourselves on providing quality service and ensuring each customer feels comfortable.  

We’re available to guide you through your investment. Whether you’re just starting or looking for ways to expand your portfolio, consider working with DFW Investor Lending, LLC toda


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