The Latest and Next Big Thing in Real Estate for Dallas

The different area of Dallas is popular among real estate investors, and it is simple to understand why. One of the main reasons is that it has something for everyone:

  • Millennials come for employment and big-city excitement
  • Families settle in its charming suburbs
  • Seniors appreciate the calm environment and high quality of life.

Dallas is among the most recognized and buzzworthy urban regions in the United States. It is regarded as a quasi-gateway city for investor lenders seeking stable, liquid real estate markets. Fortunately, despite its growing popularity and rapid development, Dallas remains an accessible market with significant potential.

To look closely, here are some latest scoops and things that are about to unravel in the real estate industry within and near the area of Dallas-Fort Worth. 

Rental Communities to Spring in Dallas-Fort Worth

The seller’s market in North Texas is warming up rental housing developments. According to the Dallas Morning News, many builders have revealed intentions to develop new rental communities in and around Dallas-Fort Worth. According to a recent study, Dallas ranks fifth in the nation, with over 550 rental homes under construction. 

In a significant context, over 12,000 single-family rental houses are being constructed throughout the United States. Kinloch Partners, headquartered in Tennessee, has just moved to North Texas, intending to construct 500 rental homes in the next year and a half. D.R. Horton, headquartered in Arlington, and NexMetro, based in Arizona, are two other top rental house builders, according to the DMN, which has built several projects throughout North Texas.

Kinloch Partners Expands into Dallas with a Build-to-Rent Subdivision

Real estate company Kinloch Partners, LLC has finalized the acquisition of several properties on the eastern edge of the Dallas Metroplex. The business intends to develop a Build-to-Rent subdivision, providing inexpensive Single-Family Rental (SFR) houses to this rapidly expanding area.

The company intends to rapidly increase its holdings in the Dallas region over the next 18 months, with several Build-to-Rent projects totaling 500 new SFR houses. The houses will vary from 2,000 to 2,500 square feet and cost between $200,000 and $300,000. Rent will be less than $2,000 per month. Furthermore, Kinloch Partners intends to aggressively increase its Dallas holdings in the coming days.

According to Bruce McNeilage, co-founder and CEO of Kinloch Partners, Dallas is becoming an increasingly popular city for a steady workforce. However, affordable homes remain a problem in many cities throughout the state. SFR Build-to-Rent houses are an economical alternative for individuals who desire a single-family home but are having difficulty acquiring the perfect one.

Build-to-Rent subdivisions are a growing trend in commercial real estate, drawing Wall Street fund managers, investor lenders, and foreign business people as investors. In the US, people born between 1981 and 1996 are approaching their prime family-raising years and want to buy a house, but they are frequently burdened with significant student loan debt. That makes house ownership difficult and is fueling an increase in Build-to-Rent.

Kinloch Partners pioneered Build-to-Rent and its portfolio of houses throughout the Southeast and, eventually, Texas. McNeilage said they are aware that the road to conventional house ownership is just out of reach for many individuals today. Newly built single-family rental houses are an excellent option for those who wish to rent but still have the conveniences of a family home, and they want to extend this idea to Dallas.


Build-to-Rent homes are growing in popularity, and it could be the next big thing for you, too. Investors should consider delving into the appeal of this type of housing and its potential in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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