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How To Become a Real Estate Investor in North Texas

So, You Want to Be a Real Estate Investor? So, you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and you've decided you want to become a real estate investor. Whether you want to fix and flip properties, become a landlord, or…

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Top Tips and Tricks to Follow to Repay Your Loan Fast

Getting a personal loan approved may not be very difficult. You can have the cash in your hands fairly quickly. But once the money is spent, you will need to pay back what you owe. The good news is that…

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What Are the Signs a Lender is a Scam

Hard money lending allows real estate investors to secure loans and finance deals quickly when conventional lending is not an option for many reasons. Despite the help provided by hard money lenders, they are not regulated like conventional lenders, so…

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Why Real Estate Investors Should Get Loans

One thing that keeps people at bay when it comes to investing in real estate is the financial aspect. The practice can be intimidating. Most people think that you need large amounts of money just lying around waiting for you…

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How Can You Get a Mortgage for Multiple Properties

Did you know that you can get mortgages for multiple properties? This option can be especially attractive if you want to boost your investment portfolio with commercial or residential buildings. However, financing these residences proves to be quite the challenge.…

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6 Tips to Make Your Dallas Real Estate Investment a Good One

Are you planning on investing in real estate in Dallas? Location is everything when it comes to properties; therefore, you need to know enough information to ensure you’re making the right investment in the area of your choice. Dallas property…

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The Latest and Next Big Thing in Real Estate for Dallas

The different area of Dallas is popular among real estate investors, and it is simple to understand why. One of the main reasons is that it has something for everyone: Millennials come for employment and big-city excitement Families settle in…

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How to Fix and Flip Houses in Dallas, TX

9 Tips To Fix and Flip Property in Dallas As a real estate investor in DFW Metroplex area real estate, you know how to fix and flip houses. You have probably seen many homes for sale or rent on the…

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DFW Investor Lending, LLC – Dallas Hard Money Lending

DFW Investor Lending, LLC, is a private money lender in Dallas, TX. We offer hard money loans to Dallas/Fort Worth investors. We are a direct hard money lender, meaning that we fund our loans, so we can make decisions quickly and get you the funding you need fast.

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